It may sound cliché, but Pilates has changed my body and this is largely due to my kick ass instructor, Andrea. I began Pilates over 5 years ago to get ready for my wedding day. As a former runner with hip problems, I was skeptical if Pilates was right for me. Andrea quickly made me LOVE everything about Pilates, plus it helped that I saw immediate results. My body became leaner, my arms toned, my core stronger and my posture improved. Andrea is warm and thoughtful (especially if you have injuries and problem areas) but at the same time she will work you hard! Since she is a personal trainer as well, she mixes up the routines, learns all of the new techniques, and keeps her education up to date. She has nursed me thought hip bursitis and painful hernias. Andrea also acts as my therapist - think of her as a one-stop shop to get your mind and body in shape!

                                                                                                                                                            -N.B. Vice-President of Production

I've been working with Andy for two plus years. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Her easy going, friendly manner creates a comfortable atmosphere. Each workout is challenging, creative, and fun! Andy brings her thorough knowledge and passion for Pilates and exercise to each workout. She is a joy!

                                                                                                                                                            -L.M. CEO Scientific Manufacturer       

Pilates has allowed me to stay long and lean! It is important for me to keep up my health and fitness. It is much easier when you have a teacher who makes it enjoyable, even when your working hard. I also travel for work constantly and Andy makes it easy for me to do workouts while I am away. She gives me routines to take on the road. I am stronger and more fit than ever since working out with her.

                                                                                                                                                             -H.C. Fashion Model

I have been a client of Andy's for almost 3 years. I was beginning a very long recovery from double lung transplant surgery when we connected. 
As one might imagine, I was stiff, fragile and barely walking.I had studied pilates with other certified instructors for a decade before I became ill, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert. I can say with great confidence that Andy is the best instructor I have ever worked with, in addition to being a lovely person with lots of patience, expertise, and compassion. 

                                                                                                                                                                      -NB Double lung transplant recipient